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Framework Talks

Dawn McAllen is a local financial planner who believes your money touches all aspects of your life and that those aspects should be factored into any financial decisions you make. In over 20 years of guiding clients, she has seen how having a clear plan that addresses both financial and non-financial goals is critical to success.

Her seminars provide an introduction to topics that can often seem intimidating and overwhelming. She takes complex ideas and explains them in a way that makes the concepts understandable and actionable. She offers practical advice on how to enhance financial security, while explaining how doing so impacts other areas of life.

Choose from the list of topics and let us know when you would like to arrange the event. Groups of up to 8 people can be accommodated in the Framework Financial Planning offices, or Dawn can travel to your preferred location within the Charlotte Metropolitan area.

Each topic session includes a take-home checklist that participants can act on immediately.

Check the list below of available seminars and then simply contact us to schedule a session in person or via webinar.

  • Pre-Retiree Income Workshop
  • Designing a Family Long Term Care Plan
  • CyberSecurity 101
  • Hack-Proof Your SmartPhone
  • Preparing for Education Expenses
  • Plan For You Now Workshops: choose from the following options:

This Plan Now workshop is for single professionals, young couples or those needing a fresh start managing their finances.

This Plan Now workshop is for parents who are juggling daily needs with several long term financial goals such as retirement, education savings and parent care.

This Plan Now workshop is for those needing guidance and advice on transitioning, preparing and managing their semi or full-time retirement finances.