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What We Charge

Getting Organized - $450

Walk In With Piles and Leave With Files

Here’s how it works:

  • Bring us your paperwork however you have them stashed.
  • We will help you sort and decide what to keep and what to toss.
  • We’ll shred what needs to go and create files for what needs to stay.
  • Bring your laptop and we will scan and sort your documents into our secure cloud client portal and duplicate those files onto a flash drive.
  • We can also help create and store documents in cloud storage of your own choosing (i.e. onedrive, google drive, icloud).

You will leave our office in about 90 minutes with the following:

  • a water-resistant file box with documents sorted by category
  • a client portal to digital files of those same documents
  • a third copy of the files on a flash drive you can store safely at home or in a safety deposit box.

One-time Planning Services

Framework Fresh Start Package- $650

This service is for those who first and foremost need to assess where they are now and get a handle on their day to day finances. We look at setting realistic goals for savings, debt reduction and spending. Education on basic investment concepts and credit management is provided. Bring your laptop and online passwords as we have a "do it now" mentality for these sessions. This beginner's package consists of 2-3 meetings that will leave you more confident in managing your income, savings and credit.

Ongoing Planning Services

This service is designed for those who want ongoing guidance and access to financial advice. In addition to helping define your financial goals, we help implement recommendations and make adjustments as priorities and circumstances shift.

Framework Foundation Planning- $135/ month or $1600 annually 

This program is designed to introduce individuals and families to financial goal setting, prioritization and management. Framework Foundation is for you if you are starting your first job, getting married, changing careers or just getting your financial life together. The focus is on developing and implementing healthy habits in the financial planning areas of spending and saving discipline, credit and debt management, risk management and cybersecurity. Education and guidance around life and health insurance is also provided.

Framework Forward Planning- $220/ mos or $2600 annually

This program focuses on many of the common concerns families and individuals face as their finances become more complex. Framework Forward provides comprehensive financial planning and ongoing counseling for those looking to take their current financial management to the next level. This program is best for those who are juggling daily needs with several long term financial goals such as retirement, education savings and parent care. The focus is on maintaining a sound financial foundation while building strategies to achieve multiple goals.

Framework Focused Planning- 1% of invested assets ($3600 annual minimum)

Covering all the features of the Framework Forward package, this program also addresses the unique financial concerns faced by small business owners, high earners and successful savers. Framework Focused complements comprehensive planning strategies with advanced techniques around taxes, compensation structures, and estate issues. Additional issues such as healthcare planning and small business retirement are also addressed. Management of investment assets is included.

Hourly Planning Services- available upon request

Hourly rates are available for those who only need guidance in one specific area of their financial life such as:

Healthcare Enrollment Assistance; Education Planning; Company Benefits Enrollment; Pre-marital Financial counseling; Home/large purchase planning.

Group Workshops- No Charge

Not sure whether you want or need one-on-one guidance? These workshops are designed to introduce basic concepts and to give attendees tools to start organizing their finances, as well as direction on what they should include in a financial plan. Each session includes a checklist with actionable steps you can take to begin financial planning.

Workshops are held periodically at the Framework Financial Planning office or can be scheduled at a location of your choice*.

Click here for currently scheduled sessions or schedule your own group session in person or via web conference.

*minimum of 10 attendees for offsite sessions


  • Annual retainer fees are billed quarterly beginning three months after the initial plan is delivered.
  • Client responsible for professional fees billed outside Framework Financial Planning.
  • Please note that certain Financial Instruments are only available on a commission basis. When these investments or insurance products are appropriate to recommend, we provide full disclosure as to their cost structure and any inherent conflicts of interest.